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A.S. InfosoftSolutions is a leading and growing, a technological solutions provider. Our mission is to progress with the ever-advancing technology and to provide realistic solutions by making use of the wireless technology. The wireless internet and the collaboration between office and mobile communication is advancing at such a pace that it so difficult to keep up with the advancements.



A.S. InfosoftSolutions pioneer in BULK SMS Solutions. Our mission is to provide a specialized, reliable, high quality, hassle free sophisticated Services with cost saving. With complete dedication towards our work we achieved more than 2000+ valuable customer across INDIA. We provide Messaging Solution’s to every industry like Travel and Logistics, Education, Healthcare, ITes/IT Companies, Transport, Telecommunications, Insurance, Banking, Real Estate, Airlines, Stock Brokers, E-commerce, etc.

With the rapidity at which the cellular grows and in order to have its presence felt. A.S. InfosoftSolutions has a vision which it approaches as the days goes by. A steady growth, quality assurance and most importantly Customer Satisfaction are some of the ethics on which A.S. InfosoftSolutions has built its vision of providing the valuable knowledge and the efforts for seamless service to many more individuals To convert this vision into reality A.S. InfosoftSolutions has framed its working modules and these marketing concepts are based on innovative services, highly motivated and skilled professionals. This gives the flexibility and diversity to expand into new business associates, maintaining the core competence.

We know the fact that in current business environment time is money; an individual has 24 Hours in a day which can be spread across various activities and mainly earning/saving money & spending money. It is said that Time is money. In old era people/businesses had limited mediums of communication like letter or Person spreading the word and in mass through Newspapers. Nowadays there are lots of paperless (Telecom/Internet etc.) and on-paper (Newspaper/Magazines etc.) mediums of communication. Moreover considering India, majority of the population has been revolutionized with the mobile mania. The most spread over medium of communication is Mobile. So the Importance of this mode of communication is growing multi-fold.

If you are looking for a marketing tool to reach maximum customer at lowest price then A.S. InfosoftSolutions is best option. A.S. InfosoftSolutions is most affordable marketing tool, no other marketing tool can give a promotion at such low cost. In this modern world every person has a mobile device so we can easily reach all segment people through A.S. InfosoftSolutions. We have database with different sector category, to provide better accurate result with the help of our online tool, A.S. InfosoftSolutions. Its very simple to use our bulk SMS tool, it can be accessed anywhere anytime. No IT knowledge is required to use this bulk SMS software, what we need to do is , upload all mobile number database into an excel sheet and compose your SMS click send. You can reach all your customers using our software bulk SMS. All business class can use our bulk SMS software to promote their products. Starting from small company to MNC our bulk SMS software will be helpful.


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